The Mayor’s Message

The Bursa Science and Technology Centre, one of the vision projects of the Bursa Municipality has been founded with a view to develop the scientific perception of our society and to contribute to the upbringing of future scientists.

Our Science and Technology Centre which is presently the most comprehensive science centre of Turkey and has been sustaining its studies with content and consultancy support by TUBITAK ( or the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) has been giving service to our all citizens from any ages, in its new building of 12.000 square meters, with  a rich variety of equipments.

I may say with a great happiness that we have rebounded to Bursa ‘’ a centre where the science gets converted into adventure’’.

We have hosted thousands of visitors so far, as from its inauguration date it has begun to give service with its 250 experimental apparatuses.

Our Bursa Science and Technology Centre to which the adults and especially our children ranging from 6 to 15 years at the outset have taken a great interest addresses to a population of  20 millions together with Bursa and the provinces surrounding it.

Being a scientist is not a profession but a life-style.  We have been taking special pains in order to ensure our Science and Technology Centre which will play an important role in building the future up to become a live centre full of national and international organisations by organising different activities.

Our aim is to contribute to the upbringing an idealist, productive, cumulative youth that is keen on science.

By this way, I indicate that we are ready to always host all our children and youth in our Science and Technology Centre, together with their families and present my respect and affectation.



The Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor

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