Science and Technology Center

What does the Science and Technology Centre mean?

A science centre is a centre presenting visual and experimental areas in order that the society and especially the children and youth could increase their interest and information about science.

Science Centres may serve as to;

•    Create a scientific awareness.

•    Show the daily use fields of the science

•    Causes the science to be loved by the youth and encourage them in the wake of becoming a scientist and discoverer.

•    Creates an intraface that all parties including children, society and scientists could benefit from.

•    Accelerate the development of the country in field of science and technology.


Briefing about  Science and Technology Centres in the World


In total there are 2402 science centres in the world and nearly 290 million persons visit such science centres.



•    The half of the science centres in the world take place in USA. They are founded and managed by virtue of state policy.

•    ASTC, the biggest science centre of the world also is located in USA.

•    The Boston Science Museum, the first museum picking up all science under its own roof has been founded in 1830 and officially opened once again in 1951.



•    Nowadays, the country hosting science centres the most in Europe is England.

•    As for renewal Works related to the Deutsches Science Centre in Berlin, The German Federal Government has allocated a budget of 450 million Euro as from the year 2010.



•    In India, there are more than 40 science centres.

•    As well, in China and Japan, new science centres are open from day at a similar momentum of development in Europe. The number of Science Centres is gradually rising up.

•    In countries like Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, The United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, there are some science centres over 10 years.


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