Science Activities

Training in the STC

Successful scientists blazing new trails for humanity all over the world have a short experience ensuring them to get directed to science in a division of their childhood period. Such experiences happened sometimes in the work environment of family, sometimes while they play a game in a laboratory or sometimes while they pay a visit to a museum or a science centre. The natural target obtained with an experiment let pupils to become successful in all their lives.

STC getting under way with this awareness intends to perform the organised activities in a way to increase the science affection and the scientific thinking awareness and in a way to support any significant and lasting learning. In scope of activity, it is targeted to increase the interest in learning, to discover how science and technology could be used in order to explain the subjects of real life, to learn how to use the scientific methods in daily life and to develop the awareness about scientific research methods.


Workshop studies in the STC

The workshop studies being performed in weekends and in course of special activities are the sessions where children and adults could touch the science and where they could practically develop apparatuses and contents. The workshop programs increase the pupils’ interests in school lessons; ensure them to develop themselves by means of interactive activities, to develop their team consciousness and to stir up their curiosity and discovering senses. 

Summer Camps in the STC

As for being intentional and target based, children need to have real experiences rather than imaginations. However the purpose of the summer camps being organised in the STC is to ensure the participants to benefit from intensified science training within 1 week, to increase their scientific knowledge, abilities and experiences; to understand and use the scientific methods in all their lives, to develop an attitude positive directed to science and to develop their own academic qualifications. The characteristics that the pupils will have at the end of camp activity, like using an observation, scientific method and top level cognitive skills will get permanently developed. 

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