International Activities

The international institutions of which the Bursa Science and Technology Centre is a member are as follows:


ASTC- The Association of Science - Technology Centres –The World Science and Technology Centres Council (Membership)

The ASTC organisation whose head Office is in America has been founded in 1973 without pursuing any profit goal and is a corporation having more than 600 members in over 40 countries for the being time.  There are not only science centres and science museums among its members, besides; there are also nature centres, aquariums, planetariums, botanic gardens, zoological gardens and companies attaching importance to informal education.


ECSITE - European Network of Science Centres and Museums – The European Science and Technology Centres and Museums Council (Participating Membership)


The European Science and Technology Centres and Museums Council (Participating Membership)

This organisation of which the head office is located in Bruxelles aims to create a communication and regular information Exchange among science centres taking place on various geographies all over the world with a primacy allocated to Science Centres in Europe. It is a very large and comprehensive network where the science centres and museums are registered members thereof around the Europe connecting 400 institute and professionals from 50 different countries.



NAMES - The North Africa and Middle East Science Centres Network –The North Africa and Middle Eeasten Science Centres Council (Management Board Membership)

Having been founded with a centre of Alexander Library and Planetarium in Egypt in late January of the year 2006, this organisation aims to ensure a coordination and information exchange between  the science centres of the North African and Middle Eastern countries and to increase the activities of science centres in such regions.


International Activities Participated

ASTC (World Science and Technology Centres Council) ‘s Annual Meeting – held on October 2011, in Maryland, USA // on October 2012, in Ohio,  USA

In the annual meeting of the Science and Technology Centres Union ( or shortly ASTC) which is the biggest roof organisation of Science Centres all over the world, held on October  2012 in Ohio, USA ; Prof. Dr. Yusuf ULCAY  in quality of ASTC Project Consultant has realised a presentation about the Bursa Science and Technology Centre by participating to this meeting. In its representation,  Ulcay’s session briefing also on the subject of Science Centre projects being conducted by means of TUBITAK in Turkey has been pursued with a great interest by foreign participants.


NAMES (Council of North Africa and Middle East Science Centres)  ‘s Annual Meeting - October 2010, Kuwait, The United Arab Emirates // December 2012, Tunis, TUNUSIA

The Bursa Science and Technology Centre Representatives have represented Bursa in the congress held on 5-6 December 2012 in the Tunis Science City Science Centre taking place in the Tunis city, Tunis. In the congress attended by around 150 participants from 15 different countries, a panel titled ‘’ Role of Science Centres in Regional and Universal Development’’ in presidency of Prof. Dr. Yusuf Ulcay, the ASTC Project Counsellor.  In the panel, detailed information has been given about the CTC’s working system and the projects in field of science centre.


ECSITE (Council of European Science and Technology Centres and Museums)’s Annual Meeting – May 2011, Warsaw, Poland // June 2012, Toulouse, France // 6-8 June 2013, Goteborg, Sweden // 22-24 May 2014 Den Haag, Holland.

In total 75 seminary sessions are organised in way to be realised simultaneously in the Ecsite meetings given a chance of making a contact with managers and professionals of the world-embracing science centres. In such conferences where science and social relations are intensifiedly held, also the innovations done in the science centres and apparatuses in the world are presented to the attendees’ observation.

The 6th World Science Centres’ Meeting - September 2011, Cape Town, South Africa, March 2014, Antwerp, Belgium

It is a summit activity bringing together under a sole roof, all corporations carrying out a study in the science centres. In course of such an activity being held every 3 years, the worldwide general tendencies of science centres become subject of speech. By the way, the conference held in 2011 and 2014 has been attended by our team that is the sole one from Turkey.


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