Cooperation with TUBITAK

In line with the decision made by The Science and Technology High Council, it has been decided to found science centres in all metropolises until 2016 and in 81 provinces until 2023. It is intended to allocated resource over 1 billion Turkish Lira for science centre projects. TUBITAK will provide support for subjects such as procurement of exhibitions and training programs of the science centres and the organisational training thereof by means of such sources.


The protocol related to the source transfer of 40 millions TL to the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality’s Science and Technology Centre has been sigend on April 5th 2013 by and between Mr. Bulent Arinc, in quality of Vice Prime Minister and Bursa deputy, Mr Recep Altepe in quality of The Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor, Mr Sahabattin Harput in quality of Bursa Governor and Mr Mustafa Ozturk in quality of  Justice and Development Party’s Bursa Deputy through a ceremony that they have attended.

In course of the last TUBITAK meeting held in presidency of Mr Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Prime Ministery, Associated Prof. Mr. Necati Demir, the Vice President of TUBITAK has stated that a decision has been made with a purpose of foundation of science centre in all 81 provinces until the year 2023.  Emphasising that Bursa was in first rank of the provinces taking a fastest initiative in this line, Mr Demir has made a speech as saying ‘’ we will have signed today, our 3rd contract with Bursa. We are in position of having transferred to Bursa an important part of the budged of 1 billion TL which has been allocated for this affair. The last year, we have signed an engagement letter. The preparatory Works have advanced in a very fast way. And we would have realised the last protocol via the signature thereof.  I hope the science centre to become beneficial for the Bursa province and for our country’’.


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