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The planetarium or the  planet house is a name given to the  showrooms where the real time images of the sun, of stars, of planets and of other celestial bodies are reflected in 360 degrees to every  corner of the inner part of the ceiling in form of dome, by means of a special projection.

The prominent biggest property of a planet house is respectively its screen is made in form of dome and the images of sky and of celestial bodies and the other images which are reflected by means of special devices onto such a screen. It ensures the motions in the outer space to be simulated in a realistic way.




The best visual effect – The Immersive Film Festival

The best Space Life – The Immersive Film Festival

The best music, story – The Immersive Film Festival

Chicago, USA - "Centrifuge – Dome Fest” 

We all should have some knowledge about the space. The human being’s effort to discover the space over the course of his life emerges from his sense of wonder. For example, what do you think, going to the space and becoming an astronaut would require? . How does the space have an effect on the human body? Are the stars the unchanging fellow travellers of discoverers?  What do you think, the future would bring in front of discoverers?

Let us  look to the space through a different window  by means of an astronomer movie and find responses to the questions in our heads!

  •   Training, Astronomy
  • Animation
  • Turkish / English
  • Primary School – Secondary School
  • 7-77 years old
  • Family / Adult
  • 30 minutes

              CHOCOLATE PLANET


              "Map of the Chocolate Planet"

              When two alien children from another galaxy have tested the chocolate, they would seek for a imaginary galaxy made in chocolate. They would see themselves in the Milky Way when travelling in the universe. While keeping on travel in order to find out which planet s made in chocolate, they would learn very interesting details about our solar system.

              • Training, Astronomy
              • Animation
              • Turkish / English
              • Primary School – Secondary School
              • 4-10 years old
              • Family / Adult
              • 30 minutes


              "The Birth of the Solar System"

              An astronaut analysis the proofs pointing out the formation of the sun and planets just as a detective seek for evidence in order to dissolve a mystery. He enables us to pursue the formation of the solar system with a peerless observation.

              We are currently going to discover the mechanism having an important role in formation of the planet and of the solar system and of its members.

              · Training, Astronomy
              · Animation
              · Turkish / English
              · Secondary School- High School
              · 10-77 years old
              · Family / Adult
              · 30 minutes

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