Bursa Science Festivity

It is an activity becoming traditional in being held in every May and hosted by The Bursa Science and Technology Centre and to which groups of people and individuals from different social categories take part in together with scientific studies and inventions thereof.

Tarih: 08.04.2014 10:13

We are awaiting  you beat our brains about scientific inventions.

We call the Bursa Science Festivity being held in every May, the most popular activity of STM together with students from secondary and high schools and universities, with our businessmen, the employees of science centre located in other provinces, with international participants and visitors above 100.000 persons.

In all activities being organised during the Science Festivity ensuring the name of our Bursa with science and technology in national and international platform, the visitors would have an occasion to examine how the science and technology are used in order to explain some subjects in the real life, to use such scientific methods in their daily lives and discover scientific research methods.

100.000 science fanciers come together in the Bursa Science Festivity.

In May, all people in Bursa converse about science and touch science for 3 days.

The university scientific communities, individual inventors, the schools performing science projects, the science show teams coming from abroad come together in the Merinos Park.

The workshop tents, the scene shows, the ask us activities, the space observation in the night, just at that time,  you may have occasion to experience  practical and entertaining contents in every fields of science.

We are awaiting all science lovers to beat our brains in relation to scientific inventions in the Science Festivity in May 2015.

Tarih: 08.04.2014 10:13
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